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Bethesda has now revealed a Fallout 76 subscription service, Fallout 1st, which allows players to play alone in private worlds, among other things.

The Fallout 76 subscription program launches today and is priced at $12.99 a month, or $99.99 a year.

Here is what you can expect from a Fallout 76 subscription:

  • Private worlds for yourself and up to seven friends.
  • A Scrapbox with unlimited storage for crafting materials.
  • A Survival Tent that acts as a placeable fast travel point.
    1,650 Atoms a month for the game’s shop.
  • An exclusive Ranger Armor outfit.
  • Unique icons and emotes.
In order to own a private world you must be a Fallout 1st member. Your remaining party can be regular players (although the world will only stay active if at least one player is a 1st subscriber). Only existing characters can join a private world.

These private worlds in the Fallout 76 subscription will have the same ruleset as the public Adventure Mode, and it can’t be changed at this moment. However, Bethesda promises that private worlds will get more features in future, including the possibility of mod support.

It’s sure to be a divisive move. This game is already shrouded in controversy and much despise from the gaming community. Bethesda admits in its own announcement post that some of these features – private worlds, solo play and mods in particular – have been requested since before the launch of the game. The fact that they’re expecting people to pay a monthly subscription fee now will definitely spark some outcry from the gaming community.
What are your thoughts? Will you be subscribing to the new Fallout 76 subscription program? Or are you like many other people and have zero faith that Bethesda can pull this off?


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