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Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area has to be the most exciting feature of the upcoming Switch games. The regions themselves are massive, reported to be as big as two regions from Beath of the Wild. Now we’ve received confirmation that the Pokemone Sword and Shield Wild Area will be “constantly connected” online multiplayer. This will allow you to interact with fellow trainers around the globe.


During an interview with GamesRadar, producer Junichi Masuda said,

“It’s constantly connected in the background, so you’ve got this kind of huge, really pretty open space,” explains Masuda-san, “but actually within that, it’s constantly connected in the background, so you can either see local players – if you’ve connected locally – appearing in your game, or if you’re connected online, you can see players from around the world appearing in your game.”

If you’ve ever played Destiny 2, it seems that the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area will have similarities in that you’ll be able to wander around with your fellow trainers, admire their character in all their personalised glory, and more.

The Pokemon Company see players using the Wild Area as a way to tackle the gameplay from a different angle. This will definitely be a game-changer for the franchise and it’s fans.

“If you want to focus on the story, you can do that and go through the gym challenge,” explains Masuda. “But, if you want to challenge yourself in a different way, perhaps you can go into the wild area, search out a lot of new and rare Pokemon that will come out, and the very strong Pokemon that you can encounter. I think it’s really great that we can offer that variety this time around, in the ways you can play the game rather than being set to one kind of path.”

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to be released on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.


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